About The Book

What if your children are the building blocks God uses to build your faith?

This practical guide invites you to consider altering your perspective on your parental role.  The author suggests that by looking at your relationships with your children as mirrors of your relationship with your heavenly Father, you may discover raising your children can provide an opportunity for you to grow closer in Christ.

This guide presents questions to ask yourself and provides principle5s to dwell upon, each exemplified by a number of real-life stories that speak to the heart.  In describing where he fell short and how these instances developed his awareness of God’s grace, author Don Peterson demonstrates how mistakes can become vehicls for learning to love.

This guide will provide actionable tools you can use to improve your relationships with your children and this encouraging and insightful text helps you:

  • Forgive in advance
  • Evaluate your heart’s desires
  • Think from a positive perspective
  • Use creativity
  • Be intentional
  • Have fun!

And if you remember nothing else, you will forever be changed by the transformative knowledge that – We are Designed to Love.