Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Who’s Raising Whom?

Principle: Raising your children is a process that helps you to
grow to be more like Christ by revealing the true condition of
your heart.

Chapter 2 Are You Living Your Life “Out of Context”?

Principle: God has a context within which to live your life: love

Chapter 3 What Difference Would It Make if I Had Intentional and Creative Responses to Circumstances

Principle: Our automatic response reveals our heart our intentional creative response can express our love

Chapter 4  Recovering Yourself: Can You Be Who You Say You Are

Principle: Asking someone to recover who they say

Chapter 5  Can You Live Your Life from the Perspective That “You’re Wrong until Proven Otherwise?”?     37

         Principle: Consider that the first step in any circumstance is to examine yourself (look for the beam in your own eye) so that you will be able to clearly see the appropriate response

Chapter 6  What Does It Mean to Lay Down Your Life?

 Principle: Laying down our lives for our kids means giving them what they need spiritually and emotionally, from the depths of our souls, not our pocketbooks.CC

Chapter 7  Suppression or Expression: Which One Are We Cultivating?

Principle: Expression allows for correction and direction.

Chapter 8  Are Your Communication Style and Methods Producing the Children You Want?

 Principle: Purposefully designing your communication method for each circumstance gives you an opportunity produce your desired result.

  Chapter 9 How Do We Encourage Our Children to Follow the Desires of Their Hearts?

Principle: When our children are committed to following Christ, He puts His desires in their hearts.